How to change credit card details?

Smart DNS Proxy uses "BlueSnap" service for credit card processing. So we don't keep any credit card or other personal details of our users in our database!

How to change credit card details in BlueSnap?

There are 2 ways of changing your credit card details on Smart DNS Proxy for the subscription made though BlueSnap:

1. Cancel your subscription and re-create a new subscription with the new credit card.

This is a simple way. You can login to your Smart DNS Proxy > MyAccount > Profile > Subscription Information and simply click CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION button. Follow the steps. 

Once your subscription is cancelled, up to 15 days before your subscription ends, you can login to your Smart DNS Proxy > MyAccount > Profile > Subscription information again and CREATE A NEW SUBSCRIPTION with your NEW CREDIT CARD. Unfortunately due to security purposes, it's not possible to create a new subscription before 15 days of your expiration time.

2. Use Bluesnap Shopper Login section to update your credit card.

  • Login to Bluesnap Shopper Login page.
  • Enter your Bluesnap username or ID. (You can find this information in the email you received from Bluesnap for your initial subscription creation or any of your subscription renewal confirmation messages. If you have forgotten your password, you can always click the forgot password button and retrieve it.
  • Once you are logged in, click the Blue Hyperlink that says Change under the Payment Method section.
  • Click use a new card on the top right. Fill in your new credit card info and then click submit. For the next renewal, Bluesnap will use your new credit card.
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